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IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key is a tool that allows you to completely remove unwanted programs from your PC to free up disk space and improve performance and make your PC faster. This software has the ability to scan malicious plug-ins and toolbars that have been added to your browser to collect and remove sensitive information such as illegal use.

You can also search your browser’s history for malicious links that result in being redirected to the phishing address. The IOBIT uninstaller removes the remaining files that normal uninstallers cannot.

One of the main reasons for Windows slowdown is the unprincipled removal of installed software. The software changes during installation by creating different entries in the registry and in different parts of Windows. Removing uninstalled Windows software does not erase these entries well and slows down the system.

IObit Uninstaller portable is specially designed and helps ensure the security of Windows software by completely removing installed software and removing software entries and registries. Also, sometimes the software installed in Windows cannot be removed from Windows programs to remove the section that solves the problem.

This utility contains additional Windows tools, such as an automatic start, as well as the Task Manager to remove applications from the automatic start of Windows. You can also stop running processes. Furthermore, the built-in cleaner is designed to find and remove invalid shortcuts, Windows hotfixes, and unnecessary downloads from the default download folders of various web browsers and download managers.

IOBIT Uninstaller Activation Key

With the introduction of version 9 of the release, the suite is also paying close attention to removing bundleware and plugins it contains. By monitoring program installation in real-time, users can easily and completely identify and remove installed packages and add-ons.

It’s also easy to keep your important programs up to date with the newly added Software Updater. Thanks to the improved scan engine and the forced uninstall feature, all leftovers can be carefully removed from your computer like never before.

Overall, IObit Uninstaller Activation Key is a great utility for a free application. It offers very good professional options in an attractive, well structured and very intuitive interface. The processes consume very little CPU and RAM and are relatively easy to use.

IObit Uninstaller Pro is specially designed to uninstall unwanted software and programs on your PC that slow down your system performance or data processing speed. Provides a quick way to uninstall unnecessary apps, Windows apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, malicious or adware plugins, browser toolbars, and bundled software.

Also, unwanted plug-ins will be removed from your browser. Sometimes a user cannot completely remove leftovers after uninstalling a program. However, this software not only removes the programs but also the leftovers and cleans your PC. You have added stubborn programs database to remove 300% more stubborn programs that are dangerous for your PC.

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Key Features

  • Ability to remove files that cannot be removed with normal uninstall programs
  • Monitor the program functions for hidden activities
  • Easily remove unwanted programs to free up space
  • You can delete all records relating to the uninstalled program
  • Uninstall the program
  • Install the monitor
  • Disposal of the bundle product
  • Permanent removal from the program
  • Remove toolbars and plugins
  • Remove Windows apps
  • Uninstall unwanted programs quickly and easily
  • Remove the included programs and plugins when you uninstall the main program
  • Support for removing unwanted programs
  • This Supports for removing malicious plugins
  • Support for removing ad plugins
  • Uninstall the latest Universal Windows Platform apps on Win 10
  • Uninstall Windows applications using a non-administrative account

Other Important Features

  • Lighter and cleaner PC:
    You can quickly remove programs via the desktop icon, the open window, or the systray icon and brighten up your PC.
  • Safer and faster surfing:
    Avoid loss of privacy and internet slowdown. It also lists all the toolbars and highlights the malicious ones installed in the main browsers, e.g. B. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE. And you can quickly find and remove them.
  • No leftover files:
    No programs can be removed with the regular Uninstallation, but you no longer have to worry about leftovers with the serial key of the IObit Uninstallation program. Automatically remove leftovers after uninstalling a program.
  • Just update the software:
    Outdated software is risky. Attackers can easily find the vulnerability in outdated software that puts the entire system at risk.
  • Force uninstall tool:
    With the help of this tool, you can remove stubborn programs.
    Monitor program facilities: Monitor program facilities for private activities.


  • Multiple languages:
    It also supports 33 languages.
  • Detects malicious add-ons, including adware:
    With the help of this software, you can quickly remove them.
  • Batch uninstall function:
    You have the option of selecting multiple apps in a batch and uninstalling them one by one.
  • Windows Software Manager:
    It also helps manage your system’s performance.
  • One-step solution:
    There is also a step-by-step solution to uninstall unwanted programs.


    • Very effective.
    • Organized and very intuitive.

Batch uninstall function.


  • Pop up advertising.
  • No leftovers
    A powerful and faster analysis ensures that waste is cleaned more thoroughly Automatically scan for leftovers on your PC Automatically restores system changes made by a program during uninstallation. Automatic cleaning residue that cannot be removed by other services
  • Updated software
    1 click to update all major software Optimal IObit service Automatic update to the latest version Free 24/7 technical support on request Does your Windows computer run slowly after installing the software stacks? Have you already installed a program with a package? The IObit Uninstaller Pro 9 key solves these problems for you. It is designed to remove unwanted software, including the programs provided, with one click. The new installation monitor allows you to completely uninstall any program by saving the changes made during the software installation so that they can be undone later.
  • Clean and light the PC
    Malicious plug-ins and toolbars can record or steal your browsing data, which will also slow down your browsing speed. IObit Uninstaller 9 can remove browser plug-ins and toolbars to protect your privacy. The advanced database can identify additional add-ons and malicious toolbars in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer. Removing malicious plugins is not a way of losing privacy. And your browser becomes smoother and safer.
  • A healthy and fluid system
  • IObit Uninstaller Pro Key not only uninstalls programs but also cleans up the leftovers. Once you find the related files, folders, and tabs on the left, they will appear at the top of the program list to remind you to clean up in time. Also, you can be reminded of available updates for all software to make sure your programs are protected from attackers looking for security holes to attack your PC.

Other Disadvantages

  • Perfectly clean PC
    The accumulation of unwanted files results in a slow PC. Advanced SystemCare 13 can thoroughly clean junk files in Windows to free up more space. With a single click, more than 26 types of junk files such as system logs, temporary files, image caches and updates can be easily detected and removed to free up more space. The latest version also supports junk file cleaning for all your PC accounts.
  • Increase internet speed
    Slow internet speeds affect your PC experience and decrease your work efficiency, especially if you work from home. The factors are complex and troubleshooting can be overwhelming. The Internet Booster feature allows you to increase your Internet speed using the maximum bandwidth of your network with one click. Now this PRO feature is free for all Windows users for a limited time.
  • Secure personal data
    It is important to keep your personal information safe from hackers. Advanced SystemCare 13 has expanded the data protection scan function to clean the data protection traces of more than 200 programs. The redesigned Privacy Shield allows users to add any type of private files or folders and block suspicious processes trying to gain access in real-time.
  • Quick response from PC
    Have you wasted too much time waiting for a PC to startup? It’s time to use Advanced SystemCare 13 to stop unnecessary startups and reduce your PC startup time. Also, the optimized Turbo Boost can help stop all unnecessary programs to free up your computer’s RAM and enhance the PC for a better work and play experience.
  • Complete the uninstall
    Remove stubborn and packaged programs to free up disk space, and remove malicious and adware plugins to safely surf the Internet.
  • Install the monitor
    All changes that a program made to your system after it was uninstalled are automatically discarded.
  • Clean up the leftovers
    Before using IObit Uninstaller Pro key, completely remove any leftover programs that have been uninstalled or uninstalled by other utilities.

What’s added in the new version of the IOBIT Uninstaller + License key

  • Improved scan engine for a more complete and faster scan
  • Extended database to remove more than 220 new malicious toolbars and plug-ins.
  • Improved document shredder to increase the deletion speed by 10%.
  • Updated several languages.
  • Fixed bugs.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 300 MB of free disk space
  • 1024*768 screen resolution and above

IObit Uninstaller Pro License Key


IObit Uninstaller Pro Activation Key


How To Activate IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack

  1. Download and extract. (You need WinRAR to extract password-protected zip files).
  2. Open readme.txt for installation instructions.
  3. Enjoy!

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